How to make $ 2625 monthly from Bluehost affiliate program

When I searched for methods about affiliate marketing, I found many ways to get profit from affiliate marketing. And in short, affiliate marketing is getting a commission by promoting  the products of others  or companies . During my research, I was interested in the type of affiliate marketing for web hosting companies .  That’s because of two reasons,  Affiliate web hosting companies offering a high commission return on every sale. For example, the return on commission to each sign up by you for BlueHost hosting is starting from $ 65 and reaches $ 120 or more for each sale . The second reason to prefer this type of affiliate marketing , is that in this way you will not provide any tangible or physical  product. But the product in this case is digital, which is the purchase of web hosting from a common company. For example, as we referred to the BlueHost hosting company .

There are some bloggers who earn thousands of dollars a month through this method !

Well, the question is how you could earn profit from Affiliate web hosting companies ? Firstly you will need a website to promote one or more web hosting companies! It is definitely better own website by using a paid hosting rather than free hosting to gain the trust of visitors. And you can buy hosting at a price starting at $ 3.95 per month and a free domain from the BlueHost Company.

To visit the Bluehost website and to sign-up to one of their hosting packages, you can visit this link and you will get a discount on hosting packages . Press this link to visit BlueHost .


Why you need to create a website and how you can earn profits through affiliate hosting for a blue host company?

By owning a website, you can place ads banners to promote BlueHost or any other hosting company if you want, and in this topic we are talking about BlueHost web hosting, and the company will provide you with ready-made banners and referral links to promote the hosting as we will show later. But as mentioned above, Firstly you need to have a website , and by own your website you will be able to have your own blog and writing articles, news or any other topics . So you can promote affiliate web hosting companies through these articles or by using the banners.

An easy way to create a website, by visiting the Bluehost hosting link and following the steps to register for the hosting, you will be able to create a website easily .

How to register for Bluehost:

When you open the hosting link, you will see the following screen :

The hosting provides a free domain for one year,  free SSL certificate, easy download of WordPress with one click, technical support around the clock, and the hosting  plan price is started at only $ 3.95 per month.

When you click on the start button on the BlueHost website, you will see the following hosting packages :

If you need only one website now , the basic plan looks good . It’s a cheap price starts from only $3.95 monthly  .This hosting plan provides a free domain for one year, a free SSL certificate, easy download of WordPress with one click, technical support around the clock, and the hosting price starts at only $ 3.95 per month. And with this plan you will get 50 GB space , free domain, unlimited bandwidth and SSL certificate for free.

 If you want to host more websites, the Plus package provides an excellent option to host unlimited number of websites with unlimited SSD space. All of that with a price starting at $ 5.95 per month. Even if you currently want only one website ,and you  prefer now to choose the basic package at $ 3.95 . You can upgrade the package to a Plus package or any other package at any time . So you don’t need to worry about that .

When you choose the package you want, immediately a page appears that enables you to choose the domain name that you want.

After choosing the domain and pressing the Next button, the following screen will appear for you to fill in your information in order to register for the hosting

You can normally fill in your information in the form like any other website . Typing your first and last name, enter the country and city name, phone number, your e-mail, and then select the other hosting features that the package provides for you.

 To complete the registration in the hosting, you can choose some additional optional features if you wish to do so. for example, Domain Privacy, where your information as the owner of the hosting will be privacy. Also you will be able to choose other security features and optional tools. Finally, fill in the credit card information to complete the registration and payment.

Well, now if you follow the steps, you own a website with a domain from Bluehost . Bluehost control panel will enables you to easily download WordPress so you can start writing on your new website or blog. This is an important step to start the affiliate marketing for BlueHost or any other web hosting. In the following lines, we will explain how you can register for the Affiliate Program of the Blue Host Company ,a nd sign up on this program .You can get a commission starting from $ 65 per sale through your site . This commission increases with the increase in sales. It can be up to $ 120 per sale if the number of sales exceeds 21 times per month !


sounds good right ?! So how the bluehost affiliate program calculate their commission rate ?

Bluehost commission rate is calculate by this way :

From 1 to 5 sales per month, the commission is $ 65.

From 6 to 10 sales per month, the commission is $ 75.

From 10 to 20 sales per month, $ 100 commission.

21 sales or more , the commission will be $ 120

So by doing a simple math, if you were able to reach the number of 21 sales in a month , your profit would be $ 2,625 dollars a month!

If you only achieved 10 sales per month, your profit will be $ 1000. In fact, even one sale of $ 65 dollars provides much more revenue than  revenue from ads network like Google Adsense. For example how many visits per month and clicks you need on your Adsense ads banner ? to reach the $ 65 number that can be achieve from only one sale to BlueHost Affiliate !

In the Affiliate Hosting all you have to do is in this case have the user to click on your referral link and then sign up with the hosting in order for you to achieve profits , by using this way. The beautiful thing about this method, is that you will not be responsible for any technical support, services or anything . As all of that will be provided by the hosting company for the process, so in this affiliate hosting method , you are just a marketer of the service.

How to register for the Blue Host Affiliate Program:

To register for the Bluehost Affiliate Program, you can visit the following link: Bluehost Affiliate Program.

When you open the link, you will see the following page:

You can click on the Sign Up button to register, where the following screen will appear for you to complete your details , and to register in the Blue Host Affiliate Program:

To complete the registration for the Bluehost affiliate program, you need to fill your information details . At first you  you will have to choose the username that will appear in your referral link . Then choose the password you want . After that write your first and last name  ,your address , as well with your email .  Just like any normal registration process for any other website. Also, you will need to write your Paypal email address  to receive the profits from the Bluehost company on your account .Because they use PayPal to send commissions. After completing the registration process , you  have to press the OK button to  finish the registration in the Bluehost Affiliate program .

After completing the registration , and get the approval of your request from BlueHost , an email will be sent to you that includes your referral link. And then you can log in to your account in the Bluehost affiliate program to check your reports of clicks , sign up , sales the commissions that you get .


Well, it is assumed that you now own your own website from Bluehost . As well as by completing registration process  in the Affiliate Program from Bluehost hosting company , you will have your referral link. And you can start writing posts to promote Bluehost hosting or any other hosting if you like , you can write posts to describe their  features in your blog, or to compare BlueHost with other companies . Also the Bluehost will provide you with ready-made banners to promote it ,  you can place anywhere on your site and start making profits.

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