How to improve Alexa ranking for your website quickly ?

Ok .. You just own your new website or blog , but your website ranking on Alexa is very bad or maybe it’s not ranking at all ! so how you can improve your website rank fast ?

well I will till my personal experience on my website . I started this website recently and it wasn’t ranking at all . So Firstly one important thing is you have to check if your website is indexed by Google , so you have to check that on Google Webmasters Tool .

Google will ask you to verify your website , and I can recommended one of best WordPress plugin to allow your website to be indexing fast : Yoast SEO Plugin, and you can also past the verify link that you get from Google by using this plugin easily .

By optimizing your website’s SEO,This plugin will help you get more visitors from Google search and then your website rank will be higher .

Well maybe you ask what you can do more to attract more traffic to your website and ranking higher in Alexa ? There are free ways and also paid ways to improve your website rank . One of the best recommended free ways to increase your website’s visitors is by writing content in your blog . So even if your website is for selling some products or you do Affiliate marketing , writing blogs is a great way to increase your website visitors from Google search or other sources like social media . But it’s important to know , you need to write unique contents , not just copy or paste other websites content , because Google Algorithm is very smart and will know that , so the Original content will show and rank higher in the Google search .

Additionally , I can suggest using advertising , like Google ads , Facebook ads  or other social media ads to get more traffic quickly ,and in this method you need to spend some amount depend on your budget , but the return will be a great because you will get more visitors quickly and that’s will your site to rank higher in Alexa . Personally I tried Google Ads , which is good and you can set up google ads even with small budget , $ 5 or $ 10 daily , and you can set up ads for a few days or for any specific period you prefer it .

By using these methods , my website rank in Alexa has improved in few days from not ranking at all , then it was ranking at # 5,726,391 , and today my website  ranking improved to #3,752,067 ! it’s still not high rank but it’s great to improve my website rank in this short of period : only few days . And I’m looking to ranking higher in Alexa in the next weeks , and you can do that also for your website !

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