How to create a website and make money from it


How to create a website and make money from it .
If you are looking for side income or to get primary source of income , you can do that by using the Internet . One of The common way to make money online is by creating a website . You can start a blog if you love blogging , or you can make a website for any niche you like , for Example : news , sport , health , gaming or travel . The easiest way to generate money from website is by displaying ads like Google ads .You can set up Account in Google Adsense and write posts in your website or blog , then the user will search in the web and find website , so when you start get traffic and visitors and then they click on the ads you earn money .

But before you set up your Google Adsense account you will need to create a website first ! and to make a website you will need to buy domain name and web hosting . There are many web hosting ,but In our website justmyhosting.com we make the things easiest to you so we list top 10 Web Hosting Companies  so you can buy host and start making your own website !

if you explore our website you will find Top 10 Web Hosting companies and also top 6 web hosting companies .

These all are Excellent Web hosting companies .Firstly We advice you to use WordPress to Build your website , because it’s easy use and you can just press install from Cpanel and then the WordPress will install automatically and will have free and ready themself , you just start Blogging in your new website !

We Can Offer you discount prices if  you press the links that we will provide to you to buy a web Hosting from our website .So What is the next now ? You Can Simply press Home page on our website and choose the Web Hosting  you like and start making your own website !

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